My name is Gene Villeneuve and you can learn more about me at my LinkedIn profile. I am a long time enterprise software executive and happily married father of two hilarious girls.
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I created this site as a platform for sharing career, financial, networking and family experiences to coach and inspire others in business and life. I started this site to support several mentoring relationships at work and with students where I volunteer as a life and business coach. I also hope to learn from others as they reflect on the content on this site and contribute to the dialogue.

This site is also about sharing my values on being healthy in mind and body, being an athlete, being a professional, passionate and authentic full life participant. I hope I can help others struggling with the demands of being a parent, balancing career, financial, professional, and home duties, allowing you to feel and to show love, emotions, to be tender, warm and kind. And to be a good role models for our children, our colleagues, and our communities.

Life is not about the end game results. It is about the little achievements we earn every day. The positive results of living life passionately, honestly, with gratitude and in service of others, and with integrity.

You can also follow me on Strava.

I am also a proud GetConnectDad author.


My Wife is My Hero https://getconnectdad.com/my-wife-is-my-hero/

Contact Me:   info @ businesshealthresults.com

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  1. Impressive Gene , Run into this site by accident and recognized the name, excellent articles, photos, life as it happens blog. Emilia Clein – Ottawa

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