What to Wear When Fat Biking

Many people contact me asking what to wear on a fat bike in the winter. After several years of fat biking in warm to very cold temperatures I have created a system for clothing, hydration, and lights.

In this short 13 minute video I present these systems. All temperatures in this video are in Celsius.

Upper Body Layer System:

  • Merino wool long sleeve base layer
  • Long sleeve fleece
  • Winter cycling jacket
  • Wind proof fleece vest
  • Light weight puffy or down jacket for -10C or colder

Lower Body:

  • Full leg fleece bib tights
  • Extra wind proof layer
  • Insulated wind proof pants for -15C or colder


  • Insulated winter cycling boots
  • Warm downhill ski socks that cover the calves
  • Ski booties that fit on top of the cycling boots for days when it is -10C or colder
  • Electric socks
  • You can also get toe warmers made by Hot Hands or Hot Shots that are air activated and keep your feet warm for a few hours


  • Ski gloves
  • Pogies for -10C and colder or longer outings


  • Buff for keeping your neck warm
  • Balaclava made of fleece
  • Winter cycling helmet
  • Protective eyewear

FOR SAFETY: Always ride with an extra puffy or down jacket to keep warm in case of emergencies.

My fat bike waiting for snow.

Love and Bikes all!

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