Running In Paris

IMG_2640Hi my name is Gene and I love to run! I was a Canadian expat in Paris and I recently moved back to Canada.

This was my second agonizing tour in Paris with the horrible French food, disgustingly gorgeous architecture, chic and arrogant people, and cafés where people become caffeine or wine drinking sloths! It’s horrible! 🙂

Of course, I’m kidding. I absolutely adored Paris and its citizens! I was so privileged to work and live in Paris. It is this joy that I want to share as I’ve discovered several great running events, running routes, and incredible parks for stretching your legs across the cobbles, along the seine, under the Eiffel Tower, and through some beautiful parks.

And this is how I feel when I run! Go to Paris and run and it will IMG_1784bring out the kid in you again!

Here are a few of my favourite running routes in Paris.

  • Jardin du Luxembourg
  • Three Park Run
  • Park Montsouris





Jardin Du Luxembourg

My favourite run, simply because the park is so close to my flat, is a the 2km loop in the Jardin Du Luxembourg. I’ve been known to run this loop over ten times lost in a good Jardin Du Luxembourgpodcast, audiobook, or my own thoughts. I love the beauty of the park, the greenery, the statues, the incredible floral arrangements, ponds, and park benches and chairs.

Enter any one of the park’s gates and immediately go right or left and every loop is 2 kilometres. If I’m time challenged but still want to do a 5 kilometre run I add a little extra loop along the west side.

I love this run as you can do it anytime after sunrise and before sunset. The park opens and closes with the changing times of the sun’s rise and set schedule. I also like running in the Jardin Du Luxembourg as the air is clean and all the vegetation protects you from the exhaust fumes.

5km Run in JDL

Jardin Du Luxembourg Loop

JDL May 1 5km

May 1 Run in the Park

Three Park Run

If you like to run in parks here is a 3 park run that is about 15km. You can start with a loop in the Jardin Du Luxembourg and follow all the other runners who are there at all hours of the day. Enter any gate into the park and follow the path on the perimeter until you get to the east gates and run up to the Pantheon and follow the streets on the right side of the Pantheon down to the Jardin Des Plantes. You can do a few loops in the Jardin des Plantes and then aim for the Seine. Head east along the Seine and run to the Pont De Bercy or a little farther and cross the foot bridge called Passerelle Simone De Beauvoir. Then run through the tiny paths in the Parc De Bercy and up and over the tall steps into the pond area. Do a short loop and back up and out. It’s best to do this run on a Sunday morning to avoid the diesel and exhaust fumes along the Seine.

3 park run JDL JDP and Parc Bercy

Three Park Run – 15 KM

Parc Montsouris

From anywhere in Paris take a metro to Denfert Rochereau on Metro lines 4 or 6. Denfert Rochereau is also where you will find the Catacombs of Paris. From Denfert Rochereau find Avenue René Coty and run south to Parc Montsouris. Avenue René Coty is a typical tree line split road in Paris. The street is mostly residential and you can run straight down the middle between the trees. Once you arrive at the park enter the north east gate and follow the outside loop in either direction. The loop is short but there are lots of ups and downs through a gorgeous park full of ponds, open green spaces, tall trees, and rolling hills.

Parc mont souris loop

Run to Parc Montsouris

Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 6.11.46 PM

Parc Montsouris

Enjoy the running!

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