Seven Ways to Make 2023 Awesome

While I am no management or lifestyle guru, I've had an incredible 2022 with lots of personal challenges, moments of introspection, self reflection, and positive points of inflection. I put this post and video together to share my personal practices on how to get the most out of my life. I hope these inspire you … Continue reading Seven Ways to Make 2023 Awesome

Thank You Teenager

A sharp tug on my right arm pulled me back on to the sidewalk. A moment later a bus rolled up behind me to a sudden stop on the road where I was walking only a few seconds ago. My mind was on other thoughts and getting to my next meeting. A group of teenagers gathered … Continue reading Thank You Teenager

What stories do you tell yourself?

What is your story? What is the reality you tell yourself every day? How do you define yourself? We choose our own story and build our own path. Yet we tell ourselves these stories everyday. I come from a poor family. I can’t do this. My parents were abusive so I am a victim. This … Continue reading What stories do you tell yourself?