A Think Week on a Bicycle in Flanders

If you’ve landed on this site, it is because, like me, you enjoy the beauty and adventures to be had on two wheels. In June of this year (2022), I had the privilege of doing a “think week” with Jamie Anderson, Bernard Moerman and Bernard’s wife, Ann at the Flandrien Hotel in the heart of Flanders, arguably, … Continue reading A Think Week on a Bicycle in Flanders

Welcome to Flanders

I first met Jamie Anderson, the cofounder of the Flandrien Hotel via LinkedIn back in 2017 when I lived in Paris. We are of the same vintage, born in the early 1970s, grew up with a passion for cycling, and we each focused on our respective business careers until we both got back into cycling … Continue reading Welcome to Flanders

#OttBike Cleans The Capital

Cyclists! Please register and help us clean the capital! On a bike ride in early April 2021, I noticed the Old Carp Road was littered with trash along the ravines on each side. I collected a few cans, stuffed them into my handlebar bag, took a photo, and posted it on social media encouraging other … Continue reading #OttBike Cleans The Capital

Bikepacking 101

The Ottawa Bicycle Club kindly asked me to lead a virtual session on bikepacking the evening of March 9, 2022. Over 35 people attended. It was a pleasure to facilitate the conversation and presentation on cycling, bike touring, bikepacking, and more. I added one additional slide after the presentation to address questions about budget. Here … Continue reading Bikepacking 101