#OttBike Cleans The Capital

Cyclists! Please register and help us clean the capital!

On a bike ride in early April 2021, I noticed the Old Carp Road was littered with trash along the ravines on each side. I collected a few cans, stuffed them into my handlebar bag, took a photo, and posted it on social media encouraging other cyclists to do the same.

Within a few days of posting the image Paul Galipeau suggested we create an initiative in Ottawa for cyclists to dedicate at least one ride between April 16 to April 30, 2022 to collect as much trash as they can fit in the saddle, frame, handlebar bags or trailers while out on a ride.

A year later, we launched this grassroots initiative with a Facebook Event for people to sign up. My vision is to make this an annual Ottawa cyclists tradition and to encourage the local bike clubs to promote and sponsor the event as well.

As cyclists, we see the world go by more slowly than others. As such, we get to observe small details while getting great exercise, deepening friendships, and admiring our beautiful world. If you are like me, I’m disappointed to see so much trash along the roads once the snow melts or at any other time of the year.

Please help us clean the capital and sign up at the Facebook Event page to dedicate one ride to collecting trash. Take bags and rubber gloves and bring the trash home to dispose of in the black or blue recycling bins. Also, please take photos and post them on social media using #OttBikeCleansTheCapital.

Thank you all!

Let’s keep Ottawa clean.

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