Fun with Snapseed and a Broken iPhone Camera

A few weeks ago I made a grave error in leaving my iPhone on the kitchen counter as I prepared my lunch. While putting the final touches on the salad I reached for the large and full bottle of olive oil. I made the grave error of picking up the bottle by the lid and unfortunately the lid slipped off and the edge of the bottle landed directly on top of my iPhone 5s on the glass side of the camera. The glass shattered instantly into very tiny, sharp and dangerous pieces. I had to replace it the glass immediately.

This poor iPhone has had it’s glass replaced three times now. The first time due to it being stolen but found with a completely smashed screen. The thief was kind enough to call me using the Find my iPhone call feature and leave it at lost and found at a train station in London. I assume when he figured out he couldn’t break into the iPhone he smashed the screen and then left it with the lost and found. The second time was an unfortunate drop off a desk without the protective case. And the third was last week’s slippery move with the olive oil bottle.

My iPhone camera withstood the damage of the first two crashes but the third one damaged its focusing abilities. However, the camera’s exposure settings still worked well. Of course I was depressed as I love taking photos and posting them on Instagram or posting family photos on my private Facebook page.


Here is one of the first photos I captured with the faulty focus capabilities.

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Blossom, Decay, and Renew

Call me a romantic or sensitive or simply one who celebrates the immutable beauty in the ebbs and flows of daily living. A smile, a firm handshake, a bump on the sidewalk… a sub second connection with profound meaning like two strangers’ eyes meeting for a mere moment but each understanding the magnificence of that moment. 

IMG_3324A colleague called me a few weeks ago to say hello and check in on me. His call raised my spirits. He didn’t know it but his timing was impeccable. I was having  a rough day and being me, burdening much of the responsibilities of being a father, husband and executive, I was exhausted… like most Thursday evenings. I could feel his smile coming through the phone, his kind face and warm eyes. Yesterday I saw him at the office and I remarked how kind this young man is and how I’ve watched him change and mature over the last two years since we first met. He was green, new to the software business, and single. Now he is married, a successful and respected seller, and his kindness and smile are consistent. I told him how much I appreciated his call and how it touched me. He said… “where I come from we look out for each other. It is important to be kind and to respect your neighbours.” He said something about how God will look out for you if you look out for others. He is Moroccan and said the Mediterranean culture is founded in kindness, community, and friendship. I love it!

Change and struggle are beautiful… watching a flower blossom to glory, and then slowly decay to renew again another year is a metaphor to friendship, work, family, and daily struggles. There will always be points of decay and challenges… and one day we will bloom again. And flowers need water, air, sun… like we need love, friendship, and community.


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