Paris Attacks and Dumb Statistics

I didn’t want to write about the Paris attacks as so much has already been said, discussed, written, and viewed. However, as a resident of Paris with friends from across the globe I feel compelled to write about how insensitive spewing of statistics undermines the horror and pain of the victims of the Paris attacks … Continue reading Paris Attacks and Dumb Statistics

Opportunities – How do you make them?

My career in enterprise software got started thanks to an ex-girlfriend. In my early twenties I wasn’t quite sure what path I would take, however, I knew I wanted to be in high tech. It was the early 90s and I was studying business at university. I had put myself through school thanks to years … Continue reading Opportunities – How do you make them?

What stories do you tell yourself?

What is your story? What is the reality you tell yourself every day? How do you define yourself? We choose our own story and build our own path. Yet we tell ourselves these stories everyday. I come from a poor family. I can’t do this. My parents were abusive so I am a victim. This … Continue reading What stories do you tell yourself?