Paris Attacks and Dumb Statistics

I didn’t want to write about the Paris attacks as so much has already been said, discussed, written, and viewed. However, as a resident of Paris with friends from across the globe I feel compelled to write about how insensitive spewing of statistics undermines the horror and pain of the victims of the Paris attacks and of victims of all the other terrorist attacks in Beirut, Mali, Turkey, the Russian downed jet and other innumerable attacks. Continue reading

Opportunities – How do you make them?

My career in enterprise software got started thanks to an ex-girlfriend.

In my early twenties I wasn’t quite sure what path I would take, however, I knew I wanted to be in high tech. It was the early 90s and I was studying business at university. I had put myself through school thanks to years of working in a bike (pedal bikes) shop. It is at the bike shop that I learned the importance of customer service, differentiation in value, and commitment to delivery and quality. My bike shop years were formative. I did sales, accounting, inventory management, service, and any task needed to keep the business going. It was a passion, a career, and a family. I applied myself as if it were my own business. Despite the passion for bikes, I didn’t see a prosperous future. In 2nd year of university I bought a computer and started learning as much as possible about software, business applications, and about how to install, configure, and exploit the software. I clicked on every button, experimented with everything I could get my hands on… but the programming and coding side of software never interested me. At least it never stuck. Continue reading

What stories do you tell yourself?

What is your story? What is the reality you tell yourself every day? How do you define yourself?

We choose our own story and build our own path. Yet we tell ourselves these stories everyday.

  • I come from a poor family.
  • I can’t do this.
  • My parents were abusive so I am a victim.
  • This is too hard.
  • I can’t handle this.
  • I’ll never lose weight.
  • I hope I don’t let them down.
  • This situation will not go well.
  • I’m going to screw up.

We are the stories we tell ourselves. Continue reading

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